Sunday, February 2, 2014

Fiber Art Class with Lenore Crawford

Oh my goodness. I was fortunate enough to get into a class with  (and my thanks go to)

World Class Award Winning Quilter Lenore Crawford. 

Before I go any further I want to share her website. Drum roll:  There is a ton of useful information in Lenore's pages. Worth a peek, for sure.

The class was on Tuesday. On Wednesday I made this:

I want to post a couple pictures of the process. So simple! First I opened the original photograph in Paint.NET, that perfect free online image editing program my daughter turned me on to. From there I selected Effects, then Stylize, then Edge Detect. There I dial in the right contrast so the edges pop out. That looks like this:

Next I take a regular ol' Sharpie and outline the edges with 'chunks of color' in mind. That looks like this:

With this good edge drawing ready tape it securely to the table. I then tape a piece of that razzle-dazzle quilter's friend freezer paper over the line drawing and use (this is very important) the finest, most ultra sharp Sharpie I can find and use extreme care transferring/tracing the rough line drawing to the freezer paper. This freezer paper drawing is now the meat and potatoes of the whole work. That looks like this:
From here I select bits of fabric and fuse them together butting the edges together to form the work. Rule number one is no over lapping of pieces. It is fun. It is fast. It is thrilling to watch develop in such a short time. That looks like this:

The final step is fine-tuning the work with fiber paints. Lenore encourages her students use PROfab paints by Pro Chemical. The only other rule is no acrylic paints. So at this point I refer you back to the top photo.

Let me know what you think. If you have any questions you can ask me over at Quilters Club of America Dear Jane. (Yes, I am a Janiac.) Meanwhile I am going through some pictures on my hard drive to see what I want to accomplish next.

I'm thinking one of my little toy poodle Taji.

Until next time,
This is Jeanne in Michigan

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Dear Jane block A-1 is now complete. I struggled a bit with the corner bits but I feel very good inside. According to the software, and a mighty powerful program it is, A-1 is considered an intermediate block. I tackled it head on and this is the result:

It was a real brain teaser so what I think I'll be doing is taking a break from Dear Jane by piecing a block from my Lori Smith Small Quilt sixty block project.

The block I finished yesterday is here:

Saturday, November 16, 2013

I Finally Figured it Out

I am watching the Smithsonian channel as they follow Doris through her day as she participates in an auction selling antique apparel. One beaded razzmatazz that she paid a couple thousand for failed to make its way into her baggage. She returned and found it. She described her rush of adrenaline. Then she said, "That is how people get addicted to shopping." 

Now that I am a quilter I experience the tiny rush with every portion of what goes into every block. 

My name is Jeanne Lucas and I am addicted to quilting. And nothing could be more wholesome.

Dear Jane I'm Just About Ready

I have been putting together my arsenal to take on Dear Jane, the 1860's quilt pieced by Jane Stickle.

Book. Check.
Book rebound to lie flat. Check.
CD-ROM. Check.
Rulers. Check.
Steady Betty Pressing Board. Check.
Join Kathy Tracy's DearJaneSQT Yahoo group. Check.

Kelly at Pressing Matters in Holland has ordered my fifteen yards of Kona Snow background fabric. It should be in two weeks from now.

After returning from my first ever Quilt Shop Hop I tried out my Steady Betty pressing board. I love it. It grips the little pieces like nothing else. The size, 12 x 12, is perfect for my portable ironing board.

I have been putting together a couple bookmarks that contain tutorials to get me started. I don't have my background fabric yet but I intend on piecing two or three blocks just to get this under way. 

Freezer Paper Foundation Piecing? I need to study that for sure so I found this tutorial by the twiddletails store. I don't even know how to say that! But here is a link to it:


And here is a link to what goes on behind Block H-1 Peek-a-Boo:

                 Here goes nothin'!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

My quilting journey is taking giant steps forward. In order to take those steps with super sparkly style I have decided to dedicate myself to wearing my sparkle shoes only when quilting. My mother gave these to me before she passed. They are Rocket Dogs. They are comfortable. They are warm enough on my cold basement floor.


Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Dear Jane, it's all about the quilt

Here I find myself giving into the persuasions over at SmallQuiltTalk yahoo group and purchasing the Dear Jane combo. That means the book, the cd and the rulers. Eighty-two bucks at the DearJane web site.

Listening to the women share their tips and tricks, successes and attempts is so inspiring.

Here is the original Dear Jane quilt.

Here is the Dear Jane website.

I am sure I will get countless hours of quilting satisfaction out of the journey.

Adventures at the SNOWY Lakeshore

What on earth? I wake to two inches of snow?!

A friend of mine took a lovely picture in her yard of snow and autumn leaves. Nice job Jill!